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The aim is for children to communicate in English by formulating sentences and questions, training confidence and awareness in a fun environment.

Thanks to our certified native teachers, children learn English in a natural way, while they develop different interpersonal skills.

Our method lays the foundation on the three “C’s”, which distinguish our approach: Creativity, Curiosity and Collaboration.

We want to teach children to “think outside of the box” so that they start developing their own personality and critical thinking.
For this reason, the themes we deal with start from the everyday life of the child up to the discovery of new information and activities.

Each lesson is designed in such a way that the child is always stimulated and never loses concentration. Playing and having fun are fundamental for the well-being and, above all, for learning a new language. In addition, each child will be provided with a book created specifically by us to assist the lessons and give children and parents the opportunity to perceive the goals achieved.


The course is aimed at obtaining language certification.
In particular, we focus on grammatical and lexical knowledge, pronunciation, technical terminology and language proficiency.

We also offer “Business English” lessons that allow the acquisition of skills to communicate effectively in English in a business context.
Interviews in meetings, respond to interviews, write professionally in English.

The aim of this course is to provide the necessary skills for many tasks. From building confidence to develop working language skills in specific working areas.