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The Fun and School methodology focuses on attention to detail and innovation. Our services are efficaciously tested and safe, as they are structured according to the age, requests and context in which they are carried out.

Each service is designed and developed by professionals of different specialization, so as not to overlook any facet of the child’s development. In fact, our Staff of professionals does not underestimate the psychological-relational impact of the activities proposed on the child. In this way learning or improvement in the subject treated goes hand in hand with the development of cognitive and relational skills, useful not only in the application of the activity addressed, but also in everyday life.

Fun and School believes in continuous updating and innovation of teaching methods. Our goal is to offer services that are always at the forefront and adapted to the contemporaneity of the children who follow them, guaranteeing effectiveness and safety in their performance. But the real backbone of the Fun and School methodology is fun.

Thanks to several studies, it is now evident that children achieve better results in any subject treated if there is a playful and positive atmosphere. It is precisely this atmosphere that creates that our instructors during the courses, so that each child feels free to make mistakes, make new attempts, try new experiences and share their thoughts and feelings.