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The activities carried out during the journey are rich in art therapeutical foundations aimed at stimulating the imagination of the participants, encouraging them to learn through the use of the senses and of play, thus enhancing their individual abilities.

The active learning of concepts, the creation of a certain awareness towards oneself and the environment that surrounds them, are the objectives that are intended to be pursued during the course of the activities.


Create an environment in which the child can react to inputs coming from outside and re-elaborate them according to the formula that suits him best, in such a way as to transform them into useful tools for life to be transported in one’s own store of experience.

Our aim is to bring the participants of our laboratories, albeit for a short time, to a more sensory dimension and stimulate their growth, self-esteem and therefore respect for what surrounds them.
All laboratories are created and reviewed by the team of psychologists.

The workshop of failure

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Don’t wrap yourself, learn to recycle

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The superhero workshop

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The millenium hunters workshop

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It is essential that the child lives failure not as a defeat but as a new point of start from which to learn and improve (hence the acronym FAIL: First Attempt in Learning.)
The workshop also wants to bring failure to a dimension of fun and recognize it as a physiological process of growth. We hope that this concept and everything related to it, will not be perceived with an exclusively negative meaning, but rather as an eventuality from which the child, by reacting, is able to start again.

Through this laboratory the child must not experience the dream as a vain and unattainable imagination but as a desire that can be realized with his own willpower. The goal is to make the concept of “realization” understood through four fundamental characteristics: Curiosity, Trust, Courage and Constance.

A fundamental part of the workshop is the teaching of mutual collaboration, which becomes a daily way of thinking, a means by which to overcome difficulties.

Each meeting lasts 1 hour.
1st meeting: The curiosity and the constancy of the boat.
2nd meeting: The courage and the passion of the plane.
Explanation of the two concepts through teamwork. Educate children to make small decisions in order to motivate them and make them self-confident.
3rd meeting: The strength and imagination of the spaceship.
4th meeting: The dreamer child.
Creation of a story that brings out what has been faced during the journey.


Children see superheroes as models of reference, they love to identify themselves with their adventures and they would like to be like them.

Each superhero has its own strength but also its own weaknesses, so it succeeds in fulfilling its businesses thanks to qualities other than super powers.

With this workshop we want to show that the perfection of the superhero is a combination of strength and courage but it is also given by the awareness of its weakness and the way in which it overcomes it.

What is resilience? What is compassion? What is tenacity? We will discover the meaning of these words through creativity, games and mental challenges.

The Millenium Hunters Workshop

With this workshop we don’t want to think about music in a canonical way, we need to get out of the classic scheme according to which only the real musical instruments create the music. Even the environment around us is full of sounds, and we want to push children to listen and use their creativity to produce their own melody.
The workshop takes place outdoors and the participants will be divided into two groups: the first group will create a melodic base with the help of a computer and a keyboard; the second group will have the task of obtaining a recorder and going to “hunt” sounds in the surrounding environment.

Finally the two groups will compare the respective materials and with the help of a software (Ableton Live 9) the chosen sounds will be loaded and modified appropriately to enrich and complete the track, which will thus be composed of elements of traditional music but also of sounds captured in nature.


The theme of the workshop is the reuse, in particular of paper.
The main goal of raising the awareness of new generations towards an important issue such as recycling is also supported by the desire to bring the same back to a playful dimension, hoping in this way that the concept of recycling will not only be understood as an external imposition.

We want to put children in a position to be an active part of this process and we believe it is fundamental that the need for recycling comes from a personal inner movement, a form of natural respect for what surrounds us.

Each meeting lasts 1 hour.
1st meeting: creation of a paper holder to be reused.
2nd meeting: approach to the use of paper as a playful-artistic tool in different ways from the usual ones.
3rd meeting: creation of a sheet of recycled paper.
4th meeting: creation of a story that brings out what has been faced during the workshop.