The activities carried out during the course are rich in art-therapeutic foundations aimed at stimulating the imagination of the participants, encouraging them to learn through the use of the senses and play, thus enhancing their individual abilities.

The aim is to lead the participants of our workshops, albeit for a short time, to a more sensory dimension and to stimulate their growth, self-esteem and therefore respect for their surroundings.

All of our workshops can be conducted in English by our native-speaking teachers.



By soft skills we mean all that series of transversal skills and relational and behavioral skills that characterize our person and indicate the way in which we place ourselves with respect to the context that surrounds us.

These workshops focus on the acquisition of soft skills such as effective communication, autonomy, self-esteem, self-confidence, problem solving and team work.

Some examples are the “Failure”, “Dreamers” and “Superheroes” workshops.


The workshops aim to integrate the knowledge of artistic techniques with a series of stimulating activities that give voice to the child’s personal creativity. The aim is to stimulate and enrich manual skills by combining the growth of aesthetic capacity and the cultural aspect. In the meetings, pictorial and manual experimentation will take place and the themes of socialization, integration, recognition of diversity, spontaneity and creativity will be touched upon.

We favor the artistic path that accompanies the experience of the participants, this method teaches to respect one’s own times and those of others, and refines listening skills, both towards oneself and the group.

Some examples are the workshops “Don’t wrap yourself, learn to recycle”, “Colours” and “Fairy tales”.


Through the theatrical experience participants will learn to improve their communication skills and body language, to develop empathy with others, to build trust between , to integrate different talents and to focus on strengths.

The main objective is to develop self-confidence and get out of one’s own patterns, so as to reflect the same feeling in daily and working life.


Our music workshops offer participants stimuli for musical, verbal and motor practices. The goal is to explain to children what it means to listen and introduce the concepts of variation, melody, rhythm and musical tempo, with activities aimed at discovering the pleasure of hearing, listening and producing sounds and noises.

Children will venture on an imaginary journey and will be transported to a place where music becomes the privileged language to express their emotions.
Some examples are the “Rhythm + melody = harmony” and “Sound Hunters” workshops.


The teacher will be disguised as a tooth fairy and will ask the children to help her pass various missions thanks to theatrical games. The goal of the workshop is to create an even more solid relationship between parents and children, but also to show mum and dad how simple it is to train English with children through our 3C method and various advice.

During these 4 online meetings, various adventures will be experienced, from the world of colors to that of animals, from the world of fantastic characters to that of time. The laboratory is mainly designed for the little ones, from 3 to 5 years old, in fact the parent will have the task of drawing the various characters and the child will color them.