Our artistic-experiential workshops are based on the art therapy technique. Artistic materials, music, the body and space become tools to discover, create relationships and feel good. In addition to learning the chosen practice, the art therapy service provides an integrated teaching method, which takes into consideration every aspect of artistic teaching, from the technical to the emotional to the psychological-relational.


Through art-therapeutic experiences and artistic creation, course participants are led in search of well-being, fun and pleasure. Having the possibility of transforming, therefore of changing the shape, appearance, structure and function according to the pleasure and the objective, has the aim of broadening the practical sense in the search for an alternative.
The theme of transformation can lead to recognizing one’s own limits, to come into conflict with them, modify them and overcome them with ingenuity and creativity. The product is the material expression of the journey, those who have been part of its creation can be satisfied with it, feel it as their own. Establishing a relationship with the product being transformed strengthens patience, concentration and empathy. They share: space, materials, time, and ideas.


We offer piano, guitar and singing lessons. The goal is to develop in the student a strong knowledge of the instrument by linking progress to a passion and the natural search for one’s own voice. These lessons are ideal for curious young people who can use music as a tool to decipher and understand some of the complexity that surrounds us.
The course provides for the development of harmonic thinking and instrument techniques aimed at increasing expressive and communicative skills. The lessons are suitable for anyone willing to develop their own individual style, incorporating techniques and ideas from various musical genres. Courses built for all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Our music teacher is bilingual and in fact can also teach in English.


Who better than children is capable of giving shape to their thoughts while playing, with disguises, masks, gestures and words?
The theater course encourages their innate abilities, the freedom of the imagination, the choral action but also the knowledge and observance of the rules. The lessons are always created and developed in a different way, thanks to the ideas offered by the children, thanks to their ideas, responses and emotions. Our theater teacher is a native British speaker and also teaches in English.