Fun and School believes in continuous updating and innovation of teaching methods. Our goal is to offer services that are always cutting-edge and appropriate to the contemporary age of the children who follow them, guaranteeing effectiveness and safety in their performance.

We strongly believe in communication, which we develop in all our activities: from the English course in which speaking prevails, to the language of coding and non-verbal artistic communication, to theater and music.

All our services have one method in common, the 3C method:

Curiosity, Creativity and Collaboration, fundamental requirements for success in private and working life. But what do creativity, curiosity and collaboration mean?


By creativity we don’t mean only the artistic one, but we refer to a cognitive ability that is very useful for personal but also professional growth. Creativity allows you to solve problems in an original way and maintain an innovative approach to the circumstances that arise. Creativity is not a static gift but must be developed and trained, whether you are a child or an adult.


Like all potential, curiosity also has many facets: on the one hand it leads to testing oneself and venturing into new experiences, on the other it is influenced by personal interests. The main enemy of curiosity, as well as ours, is boredom! For this reason and to keep students motivated, the playful side is always present in our courses.


Collaboration, team work, team building. All words that have the same meaning and that constitute fundamental requirements for private and working life. We believe it is essential to understand the importance of being complementary with others in order to be able to give the best together and produce something better than what could be done alone.