Fun and School uses a network of psychologists who can support the child and his family. Parents will be able to use this particular service in order to improve their relationship and their influence on their child, and more generally to understand how to deal with all the problems that may arise in their growth.


We all face complex life phases, moments of difficulty or situations
particularly stressful. In these moments, our resources can prove to be insufficient and inadequate, thus interfering with our psychophysical well-being and with the normal course of daily life.

The support and psychological support desk is a service that is born with the idea of supporting the person in difficult periods of his life, listening to his discomfort and his effort with an empathic and non-judgmental attitude.

It helps to recognize thoughts, emotions and feelings triggered by the relationship with the other, make decisions, manage and better tolerate frustrations and conflict.

The psychological path is aimed at different age groups: children, adolescents, adults and young adults.